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Softkol Software Services Ltd was founded in 1984 by HP and Mamram systems engineers. Softkol specializes in the processing of output design and distribution via powerful print servers in medium-large organizations.


Softkol provides high-quality solutions for medium to large enterprises, including design and distribution in any archived in digital format.

Design solutions include all forms types of the organization such as: Invoices, purchase orders, quotations, vendor letters and one and two dimensional barcode labels

In addition, the company provides sophisticated print servers based on Unix and Linux operating systems.

All of those solutions are tailored to ERP platforms such as:

SAP, OA, MFG-PRO and home grown software.

The company also provides outsourcing services in C # and JAVA coding by a professional force based on veterans of elite IDF software units

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Softkol provides coding services in C # and Java for general tasks such as commercial and unique applications for utilities.

The Company's activity in this area includes all stages of implementation from the initial design level through coding and completion stage which are followed by acceptance tests of the final product.

This service is based on the professional strength of veterans of the Mamram and 8200.

This ensures compliance with high implementation times and product quality.

Consulting and methods: Due to experience of implementation in complex work environments (ERP) and the professional and qualitative strength, Softkol specialized in the analysis and improvement of existing systems and the development of new applications.

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Softkol focuses on providing continuous and high quality service to its customers.
Professional services are reliable and available in real time.
This can be attested to by many of our clients.

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12 Uzi'el St
Ramat Gan,

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